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Swedish Snus Has Lower Risk than Cigarettes

Swedish Snus Has Lower Risk than Cigarettes
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Swedish Snus Has Lower Risk than Cigarettes - Did you know that snus is a product of smokeless tobacco from Sweden, which is consumed by placing it on the upper lip for a long time. In contrast to smoking, which is a burned tobacco, Swedish snus as well as electric cigarette lower rated health risks. 

Snus has also been a factor in the number of smokers in Sweden, as much as 8 percent of men and 11 percent of women, in 2016. The United States has also introduced tobacco alternative products. After going through a rigorous evaluation process, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) allowed snus to be marketed in the country for the first time in November 2015.

It is Better for Health than Cigarettes

Because Swedish Snus is considered in line with the goal of protecting public health, marketing licenses are issued after the FDA approves Swedish Match's Premarket Tobacco Application application. This decision was made after the FDA reviewed scientific evidence submitted by the Swedish Match.

Under the design, any product that has received a lower health risk claim than cigarettes from the FDA will receive a tax discount of up to half. That way, the Snus tax will be five percent from the previous 10 percent. For this reason, before making wrong decisions on products tobacco alternatives, the government together with other stakeholders must encourage scientific studies in the country.

As a result, the FDA stated that these products have a lower risk than cigarettes. In addition, the results of scientific studies also show that Snus, tobacco from Sweden users have a lower risk of developing oral cancer, heart disease, lung cancer, stroke, emphysema, and chronic bronchitis than smokers.

Alternative to Cigarettes

Apart from vaping, some people choose Snus as an alternative to cigarettes. This alternative has long been used by Swedish society. The nicotine bag is used by the people Swedish to reduce their desire to smoke. Unlike cigarettes, this nicotine bag is usually used between the lips and the gums and then absorbed. Not burned and then inhaled the smoke.

Because it has received claims from the FDA that Snus, tobacco from Sweden, has a lower risk than cigarettes, the product is also potentially subject to tax breaks in the State of Georgia, United States. Currently, Georgia is filing a bill (House Bill 864), which regulates the tax on tobacco product alternatives.

That is because cigarettes have lots of chemicals and dozens of carcinogens, substances that can cause cancer. Meanwhile, in the nicotine bag, only nicotine is added with flavorings and sweeteners. So in conclusion, this Swedish Snus can be used as an alternative to cigarettes to prevent the reduction of problems that arise from consuming cigarettes.

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