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Tips to Buy a House in The Pandemic

Tips to Buy a House in The Pandemic
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Over the last year, the pandemic Corona virus Covid-19 to be a scourge for the entire world community. Refer to the WHO data, the number of cases of positive Covid-19 confirmed in the entire world per 20 May 2021 achieve 164.409.804 with 3.409.220 of whom died.

The severity, the pandemic Covid-19 not just an issue of health alone. The Virus that supposedly came from the bamboo Curtain Country also has devastated all sectors of human life. Starting from the education sector, social, economic, and various other sectors. No exception, the property business sector.

Refer to the news CNN, it has been since a year ago, many home or property owners on Airbnb plans to sell their homes because of the number of tenants down in the middle of the pandemic corona. They reveal, that the potential turnover lost up to thousands of dollars the United States (U.S.).

Whereas previously, the Airbnb has sought poured $ 250 million (Rp3. 6 trillion) and USD 17 million (Rp250 billion) to Super Hosts Relief Fund to help the owners of the homes on Airbnb that are affected by corona. In addition, Airbnb also lay off 25% of its employees. However, the attempt is not enough to help the ugliness of the economy due to the Corona virus.

corona has an impact on falling property prices
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One of the most affected is Christina Zima who has 25 homes in the San Francisco Bay area claimed to have shut down some Airbnb him. In addition, Zima also sell some Airbnb properties-its in the Facebook Marketplace.

Don't just Zima, Cindy Cabrales and her husband also experienced it is not much different. They decided to sell one of the three their Airbnb in Boulder, Colorado. Such measures are considered to anticipate the property owners lose thousands of dollars per month. This is because the number of orders cancelled but the cost of maintenance, billing-monthly bills and mortgage payments continue to accumulate.

The financial impact of a pandemic can cause a lot of property owners Airbnb in many places dither. In other places, one of the spouses in the United States, Elaine Cicor and her husband—as reported by the New York Times—also sold their home in Ohio at a price below the current market Corona virus spread. They sell the house because you want to move to another place.

Property prices are relatively lower in the current pandemic is of course to be the right moment for those who are planning to buy a home, either for residence or for investment. Well, if you will buy a new house in the middle of this pandemic, here are some tips so you don't mess around with a variety of problems later in the day.

1. Consider The Aspects Of Your Home

When going to buy something, especially a home, of course we want to get that reflects your dreams. Therefore, before deciding to buy a home, it's good if we consider the various aspects of the home. Starting from the type of home, design, location, price, to public facilities that are easily affordable.

Consider The Aspects Of Your Home
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So don't select one, make sure you've asked clearly to the developers about all aspects of the house. You can also ask for a video tour of the design house, image house, as well as the location of the house, so it could be checked via Google Street View.

2. Specify The Function Of Occupancy

Before making a home purchase, it's good if you also specifies in advance the function of the house that you will buy. Whether the house will be a place of permanent residence, for both, or will be leased in the future. By knowing the function of the occupancy, then you can make the right decision about the location of the house.

A simple example would be, if the house that you will buy are planning to rent, then you have to pay attention to the distance selected occupancy from the city center. Therefore, housing or apartment that is located in the heart of the city will be more attractive to prospective tenants. Different is the case if the house you buy will be used for investment or private residence, located on the outskirts of the city was not so so the problem, for infrastructure and transport connectivity is quite adequate.

3. Terms Of Purchase

With the decline in the purchasing power of the house in the middle of the pandemic Covid-19, the developers of competing to create a strategy so that the properties that they offer remain attractive in the eyes of the consumer. Therefore, before signing a letter of agreement, you need to ask a variety of program offerings given to the developer in advance.

Terms Of Purchase
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Ask in detail each of the clauses of the purchase and do not let any things left out. Of course, including the issue of interest rate and other additional costs. Because, it could be the mortgage that you select there are additional costs, so you will be charged an additional fee if you decide to pay off the mortgage early. Once again, carefully return the agreement before you affix your signature.

4. Select a Developer who Has a Good Reputation

When the home buying process until the house officially belongs to you, the developer propertilah who became the intermediary. For that, choose a property developer that has a good reputation, so you avoid fraud adverse.

Before deciding to buy a home, make sure you've seen the track record of the property developer from home that you will buy. You can check it through the official website of the company is the developer of such property, because usually any developer who has a good reputation has a website with profiles and a variety of portfolio that can be widely accessed by the public.

5. Check The Condition Of The Financial

In addition to the three tips above, another thing that you must do as a prospective buyer of the property in the middle of this pandemic is to check the financial ability. Moreover, if you intend to buy a new home with the credit system, then you must perform the simulation of costs and installments first. It is very easy, you just visit websites that provide the service calculation of costs and installments. For example, through a website

Check The Condition Of The Financial
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Through the Monthly Payment Calculator provided such a site, you can perform a simulation calculation of costs and installments easily. Just enter the price of the home, the amount of down payment, home loan amount, the amount of the annual interest rate, and loan term, you can instantly find out in detail the magnitude of the installment every month, the amount of interest, as well as the total amount of interest and loan payments. This simulation is very important, so you can customize it with financial conditions that you currently have.

Well, that's the picture about the impact of the pandemic on the business property, as well as some tips you should consider before you decide to buy a new home in the middle of the pandemic Covid-19. With these tips, you will be protected from loss and the things that are not desirable when buying a new home in the future not full certainty of this.

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